Need a 2000 watt amp


I have 2 12" Kenwood 1000w amps, and i was wondering what kind of amp i should get. I have been shopping around and i found a pyramid 2000w 4 channel amp for less then 150 bucks, and i would like to spend less then 250.

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well if you want 2000 watts your gonna be spendin alot more than 250 i'm sorry to tell yu.. and Pyramids are No good.. look at JBL.. you can get a 1200.1 right now for 200 dollas a piece at u could get 2 of them... for 400 but also you cant put to channels together on that amp or you will fry it...Look at some MTX as well

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Hey Anonymous, you can find some Class D amps for $25- $300 dollar range in other brands. Audiobahn, MTX, MA Audio are few that I can think of that might work for you. Stay away from cheap amps like Pyramids and few others. They're more likely to blow your speakers at high volume.
One more thing, never ever ever buy Sony products! They're over priced and are probably made worse than Pyramids.

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i just registered...and that was me who posted...i know what to stay away from on most brands. Im also looking at new 6.5" speakers for my car. I have 2 6.5" speakers kenwood 160 watt speakers in the back, and i found 2 blaupunkt 6.5
" 220 watt 3-way speakers at a good price. Id appreciate any comments you have.

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Hey Chris have you listened to Infinity 6.5" speakers? I would recommand you try that before buying anything else. I tested them with other brands side by side, and so far Infinity had the cleanest mid and highs along with smooth tight bass. On paper lot of speakers sound alike but if you compare them side by side at the same time, you can notice the quality difference.
One question, why are you using such small sized speakers for the rear?
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