Jbl 600.1 max power


since the jbl 600.1 is 600rms.does that mean it can put out 1200 watts peak in short bursts.
for example:my 15'' hx2 is 600 rms and 1200 peak. will my amp ever hit the 1200 watt peak?

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You dont want it to hit peak unless youre burping
for competition.
In that case, you could probably get close.

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peak power is pretty pointless, but if you really want to know what it is, take the RMS rating of the amplifier at the given load, and multiply that total by the recipricol of .707
that's your max power rating based on RMS values.
theoretically, based on the fact that the power supply in a good amplifier should be able to produce at least 3 times the rated output of the amplifier's output stage, to cover transient peaks in demand, your real peak output is generally about 3 times the RMS value of the amp, but hitting that wall, you'll encounter a lot of distortion, high SNR, clipping, etc.. and it won't happen for more than a moment.

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glass could you also tell me what i should do about the poly-fil around my terminal.i'm concerned that it may catch fire on the inside of the box.or should i even be worried about this?

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not an issue.
if you're really worried, just use clear silicone caulk and seal all around it on the inside of the box where there's any exposed metal/solder.
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