Please help i beg u


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I really need some help here. I think my sound system is seriously being haunted.
For 1 week now I have been trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
I am currently running 2 12" subs from a single amp connected to a Sony 10 cd changer.
I have had this for 1 year now and no problem but recently soon after I had been doing some cleaning up of cables and small things like that something happened.
As soon as I increase the volume, let's say above half or more the bass and I mean only the bass cuts off. Like it's incomplete, sometimes it loses it completely not hearing the bass at all. It cuts it out and the protection light on the amp would go on red at the point of cutting off. Also the subs make funny movements that I have never seen before.
Mind you when the volume is lower everything is perfect. Please I would really like some help on that.

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Ok first of all..what kind of Subs and amp are you running..have you rechecked all of your wires..and made sure that none are nicked or anything of the sort

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yes i have checked that. forget the subs i have always used these subs. but i think i may have found the problem. when i remove the left RCA cable out the radio doesn't cut and the subs play normal, ofcourse its way lower cuz 1 cable is out but i mean soon as i plug it back in the subs start making funny vibrations. so a friend told me its either a short in the radio where the RCA cables come out or a short in the amp where the RCA cables go in.

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plug your amp in a friends car and see if its your amp. I had the same problem. did you mess with it while the system was on? My problem was i messed up my rca outs on my head unit. Probly the head unit

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Theres also a possibility that you could have a blown sub causing the problem as well. If you burn a voice coil and cause a short, you will also get that result. Ive done that a couple times...
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