PROBLEMS with my Amp/Batt./Alternator


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I am having some trouble with my amp it was my brothers old one so i dont no if its age or my alternator/batt. Also i have 1 old rockford 10" sub(which im hoping to upgrade as soon as i get this problem fixed)

When i start my car up and turn the volume on my CD player all the way down the amp light will stay on, but as soon as the volume hits 8(which isnt loud at all) it starts to flicker and so do the headlights and cabin lights. If it goes past that then the amp just shuts is wrong with it.

my guess is that its a mix of things, one is a bad connection somewhere, also with the flickering head/cabin lights i would suggest adding a capacitor or upgrading the battery.

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Whoa, sounds like you might have a short somewhere. Check all your wirings carefully. You might also want to check your gain/level controls. If you don't have it set properly, it could overload the amp and cause break down.
I hope when you say your lights flicker, you mean dim right? If not, you have a serious problem. I wouldn't operate that amp until you find the problem.

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adding a capacitor for flickering lights is like putting a band-aid on a cut. you need to upgrade you electrical system. first go through your connections and make sure they are all good and tight, no corrossion on the battery, paint is scraped away fro your ground connection. if that dosen't take care of the amp problem, have the amp looked at.

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Hey you have to remember that even if your alternator did supply enough juice, your lights will still dim cause the battery won't be able to supply the power fast enough. So in a way, getting a cap will help the situation. The only way to know for sure is if you had a bass sound that lasted longer than few seconds. If during long bass note, your lights dim, you then know an upgrade to alternator is required.

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the alternator still supplies the current, via the voltage regulator.
lights should never dim if the alternator supplies enough current.
not in a well designed system at least.
the capacitor will reduce transient spike demand times for current, but all this really does is smooth out the demand curve on the alternator. The current still has to come from somewhere, and the battery is generally in a charge state at that time, or it should be since it supplies less voltage than the alternator above idle.

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I had a blown sub once , and I could turn it up very low and hear some mild bass , but when it got to about 10 volume , the amp would just shut off, so i felt my sub.....blown all to hadies...So you might want to check your sub , doubt its it , but its happend to me. -my 2 centz

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You blew a sub once? Sounds kink_y.

Tells us more.
And please, spare no detail. :-)

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I was young and needed the money. . .It was a late cold night , on top of a nice overlook. I was poundin the sub til no other. I just kept poundin and poundin away and it just I gave it 50 bucks and kicked it out of the truck.

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Ha ha that was funny.
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