Shop broken into


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my shop was broken into lastnight. the door was kicked in. the only positive note is that a family member stopped by while the thieves were inside so they werent able to finish cleaning me out. he seen that the door was hangin wide open, he scared them off when he pulled up, they went out the back door. but they had already taken a load. none of our music(band) equipment was stolen, which is a plus, however....the main reason i'm so depressed right now is my competition car(the crx) was raped. the premier p-940 and my 4 mmats 3000.05 amps ARE gone! the dd's are still there. this was the system i built for world finals.
my hotel room is booked, i've payed my entry fee, rebuilt my box to all rules, tweeked and tuned for the last five months, but now, its all over. finals are in 11 days, i have no time to have the amps replaced, nor the money.

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gah, that's bad, really sorry to hear it. it's worse than the guy here who went out and spent 20k on amps only to have phase issues a few days before dbdrag finals and not be able to compete

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That sucks man. Keep your ears open for someone rocking a nice new system in your area. I got a ton of sh1t stolen out of my car recently while swimming. Of all the things they took, they got a sick gold switchblade i spent a lot of money on and only had for three weeks. I know the knife is practically one of a kind, im sure your system is nothing common either. I know sooner or later i will hear about someone with a gold switchblade in my area. When i found out who did it i'm gonna knock his head off his shoulders. what i'm saying is that really sucks but you might be able to catch up with the guys that did it. Thats what i'm hoping for.

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that is the sh!ttiest thing ever, that sucks big donkey balls. Someone stole my dirtbike out of my shed about 3 weeks ago, $4000+ is what is was worth not including the motor work i had done to it and work I did myself on it. Like you said Nick, if i hear of someone bragging about a dirtbike being stolen, I WILL KILL THEM.

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police dust for prints or find anything?
did they drive there? anyone get a partial plate reading?
was everything insured?
between my car and home insurance, all of my stuff is covered, but I keep it loked in an attached garage, with the alarm on anyway.
someone would have a very hard time getting into either car here quietly.
I take it the alarm on the honda was off in the garage?
Notify all of the local audio shops to the missing gear. supply serial numbers to the shop managers.
do the same for the pawn shops locally.
Surprisingly, these dumbasses always take the gear into shops to get them appraised or to find out what they have.

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Man that sucks sooooo bad. Really sorry to hear that. Do you know of any competitors that are in your area? Maybe they are afraid of you taking home the gold and that might be a possibility of where you can start looking. I just hope that you catch them, and they get what they deserve.

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nah competitors can afford to build their own systems and wouldn't bother risking life bans from events.
this sounds like some punkass kids doing breakins.
I got hit repeatedly by people like that.. they suually stopped trying after I shot at them.

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Im sorry to hear about your bad luck Zac. I know how it feels to have something stolen from you. My prayer is that God restores what was taken from you and allows you once again to enter with a competition vehicle. Keep your head up bud.

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How can I insure my subs/amps, in case of theft. Does the average car insurance cover it?

Know my policy states for electronic equipment to be covered it must be installed in stock locations. I like in MA and insurance rates are high.

I got some ideas, and I think we should all share our info to keep this from happeneing.

ideas (some are obvious)
Car alarm ( Just don't wanna spend the money and I absoluly hate when others are going off)

Register AMPS and sub with manufacturer
Write Down Serial Numbers
Lock the amp to the car? ideas welcome.

Don't play your tunes in your own neighborhood.

Lets hear your ideas, cause I am not puttin my system in until I know it will be damn hard to steal it.

Thanks for the input


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i work for an insurance company in california. we can insure up to 5000 dollars in any tipe of optional equipment, with full coverage on a vehicle for around 30 bucks a month. all they need are receipts on file, and , in case the stuff gets stolen, u make a claim to the company and get the money back for what ever gear was stolen.
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