Problems with the Clarion DXZ835MP


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Guess what!? It hasn't even been a month and I'm already having problems with the unit. On the dot matrix display itself, I get these purplish bluish color on the edges of the dot matrix display. I'm aware that something could be causing magnetic inteference, but it was alright the past two weeks. So im not sure what's wrong. Then my colorful display seems to short out now and again, altho the unit was still functioning. And the worst part was, the unit display kept changing colors and i didn't even touch a thing! Either there is some paranormal activity happening with the unit, or it's faulty. Anyone got any ideas?

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magnetic fields only affect CRTs by misaligning the electron guns.
an LCD/organic/TFT display won't be affected in such a way, so it's not a gauss effect you're seeing.
your display is just defective from the sounds of it.
I'd contact the dealer where it was purchased, or Clarion about an RMA.
get it replaced.

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I am having recurrent problems with the factory-installed Clarion CD player in my '99 Nissan Altima. The volume control is erratic and sometimes even gets louder when you try to turn the volume down!! I spent $150 on getting it fixed a year ago, and it's slowly gone back to its old behavior. Can anyone advise what to do?

buy new stuff

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Hey folks. Following up on what happened with my Clarion DXZ835MP, I was replaced with a new Clarion DXZ746MP. I'm in doubt as to whether this unit cost as much as my old unit DXZ835MP, but heck, rather than get it replaced with another DXZ835MP unit that may still have problems, I'd rather try out the new one.

I didn't realize Clarion were making new stuff until I checked the Japanese site. Apparently the *46 series just came out last April, correct me if I'm wrong. Is anyone currently using the latest Clarion model, especially the one with the DUAL-ZONE function?

So far it's doing alright. Apparenly Clarion has changed the looks on the face. So it may not have the Wow effect of the other modes, but I guess it's still a good HU. I suspect Clarion had problems with the DXZ835MP series, and hence came up with new updated units. At this rate, I tend to wonder how often companies actually come up with new Head Units!

If anyone has comments on this unit, do let me know. Thanks.

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if the unit is under warranty just send it back for warranty repair
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