Alpine CDA-9835 vs. Eclipse CD5444


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I found the Alpine for 400 and the Eclipse for 450. I don't really know which one to choose. I do believe both meet my needs (2 AUX inputs, parametric equlizers, ability to control a CD changer or other input device, crossovers and some kind of compensation feature that adjusts to the acoustics of my car). Their pretty close in price, I'm leaning towards the Eclipse, but I'm not sure.

Also, do these players have detachable faces? And has anyone used the Alpine HDA-5460. If I get the Alpine HU, I may consider this over a CD changer. Hows the sound quality? Features? Thanks!

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Eclipse units do not have detachable faces.
Once the unit loses the 12v connection it resets
and requires a "passcode" CD to regain use.

Ive used the 9835. Best HU Ive owned.
I suggest it highly.

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A noble feature, but it won't stop a thief from stealing the thing.

How many Aux inputs does the Alpine have? I would like to connect an XM radio tuner and either a CD changer or an HDD device (prefferable both if possible though).

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Honestly, detachable faces have their drawbacks as well. All someone would have to do is chunk your faceplate in a ditch somewhere and you'd be minus a head unit or buying a faceplate. Not many people actually carry a detachable faceplate in their pocket with them, they usually just shove it in a glovebox, under a seat, etc., and thieves know that. Detachable faceplate radios are stolen every day. Detachable faceplates also break easier, are lost easier etc. Eclipses ESN blinks a light on and off, supposedly to deter thieves, but the main benefit is that if its installed by a dealer and authorized, Eclipse will replace your deck free of charge. Of course, not every thief is going to know about ESN, and if your windows are broken, car is damaged, that is a problem and hassle all it's own. Both have their drawbacks.

As far as the actual sound shaping features of the head units, you're comparing Alpines flagship head unit (not counting the F#1 Status that you'll pay a couple of thousand for) to Eclipse's next step down. The main benefits of the Alpine is Bass Engine Pro. I honestly can't remember how many AUX inputs it has, but I'm pretty positive you can run XM and a CD changer together. The Eclipse offers 24 bit DACs, a 13 band graphic EQ, higher preamp output, and E-iServ. It doesn't have time correction that you can set manually, it has presets that let you choose tweeter position etc. I think the Eclipse has 1 AUX input, but you can use E-Lan and daisy chain a bunch of other components on that one input, so you have a lot of options with it. The Alpine is a little better in pure features IMO, but for raw sound quality output I'd personally choose the Eclipse. I've been more impressed by Eclipse head units over the years, especially the more recent stuff, from a build and material quality and sound quality standpoint. The Eclipse 8454 is more comparable to the Alpine 9835 for features offered, better overall IMO. The 5444 is a little less professional, but there are a lot of features on both units you likely won't use and you'll have to determine that yourself.

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Yeah, well, I had the Eclipse CD8051 and it was stolen. I contacted Eclipse and they told me it wasn't covered because the car was stolen. Here is the letter they sent me after I made a claim.

Dear Mr. Kirk
I have completed the review of the above claim. I included in my review the police report and supporting documents that were sent to me. Based on these documents, I will be unable to give your claim favorable consideration.

I have placed an "X" by the reason for my decision on your claim.

___ No evidence of forced entry* Eclipse will not be liable if the vehicle in which the ESN-equipped product is stolen was not properly locked, or where there is no evidence of forced entry.

_X_ Whole car stolen* The ESN ON GUARD program coverage applies to your ESN-equipped Eclipse product if stolen from your vehicle, but does not apply if your whole vehicle is stolen, regardless if the vehicle is recovered.

___ Not installed by Authorized Retailer* The ESN ON GUARD program coverage applies only if your ESN-equipped Eclipse product is purchased from and installed by an authorized Eclipse retailer.

___ Over 1 year from purchase date* The ESN ON GUARD program covers a theft of your ESN-equipped Eclipse product occurring within one year from the date of purchase.

___ Not installed at time of theft* The ESN ON GUARD program coverage does not apply if your ESN-equipped Eclipse products not installed in your vehicle at the time of theft.

___ Unit damaged not stolen* The ESN ON GUARD program coverage applies only if your ESN-equipped Eclipse product is stolen. If it is damaged it should be returned to an authorized Eclipse retailer for service.

___ Warranty Registration* The ESN ON GUARD program covers your ESN-equipped Eclipse product only when properly registered with Eclipse.

___ Restitution by Auto Insurance* We have been advised by your auto insurance company that you have received restitution from them for your stolen stereo.

If you have further information pertaining to the denial reason stated above, please forward it to me and I will reopen your claim for further consideration.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 800/233-2216 ext 239.


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Does that mean that if you buy the HU online, you won't get that coverage? Sounds like it to me. I hope that this post will deter a whole bunch of people from buying an Eclipse which will make up for me losing $400 from this very limited "coverage". The best thing to have is a good insurance policy for your car.

I think Eclipse makes the best HUs and I own 2 right now. But don't buy from them for awhile so they can lose money and I'll feel better.

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Well, I'm extremely happy with my 8454, and I personally feel Eclipse is a much better company overall than Alpine, with the exception of the F#1 Status line for head units. Eclipse has some of the best build quality I've ever seen from an audio company, and they more than back up their products. I'm sorry your car got stolen, but in all honesty Eclipse is very clear about their guidelines for replacement. If my shop was broken into and equipment was stolen, I wouldn't expect all the companies who I had equipment from to reimburse me, it would be stupid of them to because they lose money for no reason, same deal with your car. Alpine wouldn't have given you a headunit back in any situation, so I really don't see your reasoning in being sour about the issue, the thief obviously wanted your whole car, not just the head unit inside it. As far as online sales, Eclipse doesn't authorize it, but on Ebay, the seller can contact Eclipse and transfer the authorization to the buyer. As far as a car getting stolen, you want to know one of the cheapest and most effective ways to prevent a stolen car? Crack the distributor cap and remove the rotor. Chances are a thief isn't going to have a spare rotor that's specific to your car just lying in his pockets, and without the rotor he ain't starting your car. Of course, with all these wonderful computer box ignition systems coming out that's not possible.

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At this point, I'm just going to go with the HU that has the most features I want. Thanks guys

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Best way to do it, both are great.
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