All 92.3 KSJO Fans Come Here To Get Our Station Back


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On Thursday, October 28th at 7:00 PM, 92.3 KSJO was pulled from the air and replaced by a Spanish program. This switch was ordered by Clear Channel Communications because of the lack of listeners on this station. 92.3 KSJO is the Bay Area's oldest rock stations for 36 years. This is the only station in the Bay Area to play classic rock and metal. Many other radio stations are being converted to rap and Latino stations.

We need to bring back this channel so that we can bring back the diversity in our air waves. We need the opportunity to choose what we listen to and not be told what we can and can not listen to. Bring back the station that we have all grown up to and know so well.

Here's the link.

Thank You And God Bless!!!

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I know how that is man, Radio 104 WMRQ - 104.1 in Hartford was shut down and replaced with Power 104 a Hip Hop station about 2 years ago now. Clear channel bought up and took away our modern rock station, they also took away Dee Snider who had an awsome morning show. Trust me, no amount of petitioning will bring your radio station. Almost every person in the Hartford area age 14 to 30 petitioned to get that radio station back, and it did no good.

Go out and buy yourself a Satellite Radio. Buy SIRIUS, not XM since Clear Channel owns a hefty share of XM. I know many people don' t see paying for radio to be worth it, but it is. Nothing beats the variety of music you get with XM/SIRIUS and there is something to be said about NOT listening to 20 minutes of advertisements an hour. Without SIRIUS I would have never listened to any old school hip-hop since all of my local "hip-hop" stations play 50 Cent and Eminem all day, nothing worth listening to. I would have never listened to any Electronica or Jazz just because there are no stations broadcasting it here. I find myself listening to more hip-hop/electronica then Alternative rock now - I love it. I also found a new passion for Talk Radio since I can listen to a show that fits with (or against) my viewpoints 24/7. Satellite radio is going to revolutionize the Radio industry. If you don't have it yet. BUY IT. Your life will change.


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yeah go sirius or XM.
only thing worse than rap and spanish stations.. are spanish rap stations!

seriously though I feel for ya. we actually got a pretty good dance music station here for a while, played a lot of good club type stuff ya just don't hear on the radio.. and they got canned in under a year's time. our top40 station is utter crap, and we've got one classic rock station.
otherwise, it's all light rock, easy listening, talk radio, and 8 tons of country and religious stations.

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Hey I'll take country/easy listening/talk radio BS over cRAP/Hip Hop any day!

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Hey, whatever floats your boat man. I am just happy rocking to my SIRIUS.. Octane 20, Alt Nation 21, Backspin 43, Shade 45, Boombox 61, and a bunch of other stations that keep me rockin in my car. I love it.

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