Advice: Replace stock alt and battery?


Hi all. First post here, hoping I can get some good advice. Also hope this is the right forum since this kinda has to do with Alts, batteries, head units, amps, subs lol.

Ok.. I have a 98 Nissan Frontier truck. 2.4 liter 4cyl deal. I just replaced the factory stereo with an Alpine cdm-9835 head unit. Had Tweeter replace the stock speakers with a pair of Boston Acoustics Pro60 6.5 drivers. This will be powered by a Jl 300/2 amp. I'm also having one 12 inch sub installed powered by a JL 500/1 that was passed on to me (Practically new condition yey!).

To top things off my factory installed fog lights cracked on me a while ago, so Im springing for some PIAA driving/fog combo lights.

With all this new stuff.. should I consider getting a HO Alt? I've already decided to get a new battery anyway, probably an Optima Red top starting battery from sears.

I'm worried about the stress on the stock alt though. Should I even be concerned with this setup? I don't tend to BLAST my music. So I wouldnt be bumping up the volume like crazy.

Half of this installation is alreay in, the head unit and speakers (minus the JL 300/2) are already in. And today I was listening tomusic while I was washing my carpeting (Truck off running on Accesory) and my Battery gave out.

Any things I should consider upgrading as well? Battery wiring etc? I'm having Tweeter do all the install for me and its warrantied, but If I should have them take extra steps in some other areas I would love to know. Thanks all!


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THE BIG 3. 678

There is no possible way this can not benefit your system, unless you already have 0 guage running under the hood. It's cheap, effective, and easy. If this doesn't give the results you want, and it WILL give results, then look into a HO alt.

Let me put it this way, I was planning this upgrade myself. I stripped the stock 8 guage power wires. They were corroding, dispite being insulated. I did the big 3, and I found my lights and dash brighter, no more dimming, and even a hint louder music.

If a dealer says you don't need it, look for a new dealer. Do it yourself and show him/her the difference. Either way, the new alt will need this wiring upgrade anyway.

Hope that helps. A HO alt can be a godsend, or a $200 mistake. Make sure you need it.
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