What AMP should i get for THESE kids?


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hi, heres what i have:

HU :
sony cdx-f5500

FRONT SPEAKERS: sony xs-v1635x -- 65W RMS

REAR SPEAKERS: polk db690 -- 100W RMS

now i need to power them up, so i'm having abig trouble of choosing an amp, should i get two 2ch amps, or one 4ch amp? for how much Wats should i go? what would be my best choise of brand/price/quality?


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If it were me, I think I would power the front's off the h/u and get a small 2 channel for the rear.
Your fronts are 65 max, and the h/u puts out 53 that's not enuf underpower to worry about.

the rears are 100 max and that's the amp I would buy.

Are u going to add subs at a later point ar just run these alone. This all has to be taken into consideration. If you are going to add subs u may want to look into a 3 channel. u may also want to take the sony's back and up the wattage to a 100 to match the rears.

You could also just say the heck with, put the cash in your pocket for the amp, and run them all off the h/u.

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Kicker Kx600.4
it's 75w x 4ch @ 4 ohms (at full output)
but since I don't think you plan to have the volume at max all the time, being ten watts over-rated for the front channels won't be any sort of issue for you.
that amp should do the trick just fine and leave you with fader ability if the Sony has F/R pre-outs

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oh if those aren't RMS ratings, and they're peak ratings for the speakers, forget the Kicker. Go with a JBL P80.4
it's 40w x 4 @ 4 ohms
cheaper, smaller, and less power.. won't damage the speakers.
I didn't bother opening the links.. too many threads to read, and I'm not a fan of Sony.

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hey thanks for replies
yes i plan to put the sub in the trunk in the future, but for now i just need an amp. i'm not in sony too, that was my first purchases on car audio, and i didn't had much info on the stereo setup i should own...so i gone for sonys at local retailers....that is bad, now that i have acces to lots of info so i read what people say, and i think i made a good choise of buying the POLK's :-) actually i'm installing them right at the moment :-) yeh i'll probably change my fronts too to better quality speakers, cause now i know that sony at car audio su@*s, well i'll keep the HU but the speakers need to change...
and yes these are RMS ratings GlassWolf and Sony has F/R pre-outs

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then the kicker will do the trick nicely.
it'll work for the future upgrades too.
just add a mono amp later for the sub(s)

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the installation is succes! sounds better than stock the POLKs thump really good. so what happens if the speakers are under-powered? now when i put on the higher volumes it starts to rattle, i think thats cause of under-powering...and amp should fix that, right?
so the HU puts around 40W RMS to each channel and front speakers are 65W continous power and POLKs are 100W continous power..if i get 75W x 4ch it would be no problem for front's cause theres power output control on the amp, am i right? but for the rear wouldn't it be too much under-powering? sometimes i really like to put the volume way up! :-)
just asking, i really haven't had hands on the systems i might have a wrong idea about all this.so just trying to learn, and thanks for info

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what do you think about JBL? found this one :

GTO75.4 --104W RMS x 4

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Hey Sigitas, that JBL amp look fine. It'll do the job. FYI, HU only supplies 13 - 15W rms, not 40. That is the peak power rating. Any power amp will sound better than HU. I don't know how much JBL amp costs but you might also want to check out MA Audio HK597. It is 200W rms x 4 and 400W x 4 at 2 ohms. Nice amp to have now and future.
Don't worry about the amp being too powerful. Just don't crank it to the max till you upgrade your speakers. I doubled up on my front speakers to increase the power ratings. It sounds great now.
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