To much highs, not enough mids, to much bass


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I just had a stero system installed in my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The installer recomended the following speakers by MBquart for optimum sound. I have MBquart DKE168 in the front doors, DKE 116 in the rear doors, PTE 25 tweeter in the dash attach to a capsitor and not the crossover it comes with. I have to torque amps, 1 for the 10" Alpine subs and and the other for the rest of the speakers. Also 1.5 farad capsitor.

I hate the sound. I have six tweeters total and it is to much highs and to much bass. I don't here any mids coming from my door speakers. The sound is not full it's just highs and lows. What MB quart speaker configuration can be recommeded for my Jeep inorder to get the sound I had with the Infinity system just at a more powerful level

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1) take the tweets out of the dash. find a way to mount them down low, close to the mids.

2) loose the rear door speakers, or at least turn them down.

3) turn down the gains on the subs as well.

4) DON'T LET THE SAME INSTALLER TOUCH YOUR CAR AGAIN. take it to someone who knows how to give you what you want.

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How much did pay for all that?

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Personally, I'd lose all 4 coaxials and opt for a quality 6.5" component system up front. 6x8s suck for SQ compared to a good pair of 6.5" speakers, and you don't really need the rear coaxials unless you're trying to impress rear passengers. A component system will have a better crossover, eliminating the screechyness of the midrange and enhancing sound quality. It also allows wiring options for the mids and tweeter since you can reverse polarity. Mount the component system's tweeter close to the mid as blownriv suggested. You can keep the tweeters up high if you want, just use the crossover for them and consider adding a resistor in series to each tweeter to attenuate their level (experiment with different resistor values to get what you're after). This will raise the soundstage without those tweeters being too harsh and interfering with the overall sound quality. I'd recommend you replace your amp for the speakers with a higher quality 2 channel amp that will put out the recommended power for the speakers.

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if u get the components set ur crossover to the lowest posible for the tweeter,,,,i think mine aid like -1 or something?????? thats if u hate the screeching sounds

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or get components with tweeters that just sound good to begin with. then you don't have to turn them down.

i like silk soft domes. they are smooth and not harsh. metal domes (aluminum, titanium, etc.) tend to sound a bit bright to my ears.

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Dam dude...way 2 many tweetrs...get 1 tweeters about 2 1/2 inches...and theres no such thing as 2 much bass lol
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