BOSS pd-3000 amp


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I have the amp hooked to 2 kicker comp 10's in closed box

amp is new just bought from

problem is it doesnt seem like it has alot of power.. i should be able to blow these woofers with this amp and it gets there but it doesnt
i cant get the remote to work ethier. i dunnop whats wrong with it its new so any suggestions?

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RMS Power at 4 ohm: 350W x 2
RMS Power at 2 ohm: 700W x 2
RMS Power at 1 ohm: 1000W x 2
1/2 ohm Stable stereo power: 1500W x 2
Frequency respons: 9Hz to 50kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >105

Do you have Comp or Comp VR subs?
The Comp 10" subs are only rated for about 150 watts each, and if yours are teh 4 ohm versions, you're feeding them 350 watts each.
Any reason you're giving them more than the rated power?

If the amp isn't performing up to par, you may need to adjust the gain level on the amp, or you may have a defective product.
The other thing is, if your subs aren't hitting as hard as you'd like, it's most likely because those $50 subs are low excursion "budget" subs and not really designed for high power applications for high SPL systems.
If you want a hard hitting system with that amp, think about going with a pair of 2 ohm subs (or dual 4 ohm coil subs) probably 12" or larger in the proper enclosure, with power ahndling ratings of at least 1500wRMS.
I'd highly recommend a pair of subs like the RE triple X 12", then bridge the amp and run it at 1 ohm bridged for 1500 watts per sub.
That'd perform far better than what you have now.

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Yes i figured what i was doing wrong i have it on fullpass rather then lpf ith crossover adjustments now on my pioneer premier mp-550 i can have volume at 3 and it at half volume and they thump so i think the amp is up to its potential.I took the subs out of the box and looked wut they are and they have 8 ohm on the back ofem wierd ehh?

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your best bet is too run the two woofers in parallel and bridge the amp, you'll have a 4ohm mono load, that should be plenty of power for those subs. however, you should think about getting some lower impedance woofers that handle more power if you want to use your amp at its potential

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So is the amp any good i mean the features for the price are awsome but the quality? its pretty nice lookin but who cares about looks..
i mean go look at some of the old home uadio linear state amps that are 1 watt rated linear, they look like sh!t. about 80 watts at 8 ohm solid state...

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ahh. yeah set LPF on, and XO at about 60-80Hz.
if you have phase, set it at 0, and if there's Q or Slope, set that at 18dB.
figured you'd already set that stuff.
I don't like BOSS myself, but of all their products, people seem to have the best results with those PD series amps.. (3000, 4000)

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yep. i havent had any problems with mine... any problems other than a likely loss of permanent hearing by now, caused by a loss of self control... thus the sale (with ridiculous 12s that we strapped my friend's pd4000 onto at 1 ohm stereo (1500x2 i think), with no problems at all, other than, once again, roof flexing, chest-pounding, and garage rattling air movement) to the next deep bass seeker, and on to SQ for me.
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