Ho alt too much power????


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is it possible to have a high output alternator that produces too much power to your electrical system or does your system only draw what it needs..im askin because my stock alt is like 95amp and my lights are dimming,so i figured nows a good time to get a new alternator with more power...just wondering if theres a "too much" power range...ill be runnin 1200 watt class d amp ,plus lights heat etc...im guessing 160amp ho wont be enough will it?

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you can run as many amperes as you like. just as long as the voltage is correct (14-15 volts). you can also add as many alternators as you like (adding up the amps), as long as they are all the correct voltage.

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nothing to worry about. the alternator supplies as much current as is needed up to it's limits.
What most people fear is too much voltage, but voltage is controlled by the voltage regulator which is set at 14.4 volts usually so again, still not a problem.
No, you can't have too large of an alternator.

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oh and the 1200w amp will draw about 120A peak of current.
I doubt you'll have the volume at 100% though, so you'll really draw much less than that.
the 160A should definately help
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