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ok im new to stereos. gota '97 F-150 extended cab, id like it setup for sound quility more than bone crunching bass, my plan would be spend $200 a month to slowly build my way to the back. should i start with a new H/U or front speakers what brands/model #s would you recomend? like i said im new to this so what ever you can segest would be great -thanks

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save up.
$200 doesn't buy much in today's market for decent car audio.
save for a few months and spend $400-600 at a time and you'll do a lot better.
that's my suggestion.

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Always start with the head unit. you will be surprised what kind of sound you can get out of a new head unit out of old speakers. Then replace (i believe they are the 6x9's, but i'm not 100% sure) then buy a 4 channel amp, then replace the door speakers (probably 5x7's), then get a 10 or 12" box with a sub, and an amp very last. Whole setup probably $1000 if your conservative and don't buy the latest and greatest. This is one expensive habit.

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I wouldn't even bother with rear fill till last if at all.
the front components will make by far teh biggest difference in your sound stage. This is also where you want to spend your money for good stuff.

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Listen to Glass. I have an F-150 I replaced the back speakers & then the head & then put componets in the front & then the sub. I worked off a budget like you & I buy wholesale it's not cheap to get good sound at the rate you want to spend you'll be done in over a year.Want stuff cheap let me know I send it to you at cost plus shipping.

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You could try the used market to save some money but at some risk. I got a great Alpine 9811 HU for $135 shipped! It was a year old and showed obvious signs of use but it still works just fine.
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