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I just finished installing a second amp in my car, Im powering an alpine mono 200w @ 4ohm to a sub, and a 100w @ 4ohm to 2 6x9s, I used 4gauge from the battery and split that into 2 8gauges to the amps. I drove for a few minutes and when I got back in, the battery was dead, jump started and drove away. THe headlights were dimming when I slowed down and it died again when I stopped. I bought a new battery and I noticed that the dashlights dim when I slow down or stop. whats the score here...whats next?

P.S I should mention that I disconnected the 4gauge power wire after I jump started it the second time and it still crapped out when I slowed down or stopped.

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Buy a high output alternator! Check on ebay or go to a local alternator place.

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check your battery terminal connections.
make sure they're tight.
have the alternator checked at a car parts place like Advance.
It sounds liek your new battery may not be charging.
It could also be a bad battery.. dead cell or something in it. Get that tested too, by Advance, etc.

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Hey it sounds like a charging problem, probably your alternator. I had that same thing happen to my Mustang. Everytime I stopped the lights would go dim or shut down. I thought it was the battery but later found out both! Ha ha, that was funny, both battery and alternator were shot. Luckily it died one at a time so I was able to find the problem.

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usually gauges act up and such if the alternator goes.. that also causes the battery to supply all the voltage without recharging, and once the battery drops below about 10 volts, the cells get damaged and won't charge to 12 volts anymore.
that may have been why both of yours went together

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Actually my gauges were going crazy. At times it used to report wrong voltage and the lights weren't as bright.
The only thing good I got from all this was some car grease and knowledge. Guess money can buy something good!

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do you have a capacitor hooked up

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I beleive you alternator went bad and your car was powering itself off of the battery. your going to need a new alternator and battery. It happend to me but the battery was under warrenty so i got an enw one for free lol. But good luck
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