Can you help me fix my system?


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I have just purchased a new head unit, a Pioneer 12" TSW-121SPL subwoofer and a Rockford 301M mono amp. The sub is intermittently producing a brief output every few seconds. The best way to describe it is as though the speaker wire is being connected for a second, producing bass then disconnected again.

I have installed the sub/amp using the existing wiring from my old sub/amp setup with the exception of replacing the power lead.
All the connections are securely fixed, the amplifier power light is constant and brightly lit.
I know the remote lead can cause problems like this but I have triple checked all the connections and I know the leads are functional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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sound like ground to me, I have had that problem before, but if you checked all the wires already then I'm not sure

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You should check the sub, b/c when that happen to me i thought it was the wiring or the amp, but the sub had blown. You could check by taking a Ohm meter and puting on the positive and negative while the sub is off, and if there is a reading of close to 4 ohm's then they are ok. OR you could try turning up the volume and if it hits more often then at lower volume then they are blown.

Hope everythin works out for you.

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The problem was caused by a bad earth. Assuming that because the power light was steady, the ground connection was fine (since it was working previously with the old amp). There was in fact rust between the washer and the ground connector.

Lesson learned - check connections 'Extremely' thoroughly!

Thanks a lot for the help guys
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