My rear speakers crack @ higher volume..amp solution?


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I'm new to amps, and I have decided to get an amp and run my speakers off of that instead, of the HU.

Here's my setup:
HU: Sony CDX-MP40 23W x 4 RMS
Front: Infinity Reference 6002si 50W RMS
Rear: JBL GTO935 100W RMS

I am considering two things...first, I would like to get an amp to power atleast my rear speakers, so I can get the most potential out of them, second I am considering getting Infinity Kappa 693.5i 6x9 to replace my JBLs ( I would go with Kappa all around but my car only has a shallow mount). My Infinift references sound crisp at high volumes already, but my JBl's crack and distort once the volume is decently high.

Whats your guys's take, if I get an amp should i put my infinity references on it too? or just get a 2channel amp thats around 100w RMS to power my JBL's, or go with Kappa 639.5i 6x9 110W RMS and get a amp to fit those.

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try putting bass blockers on the speakers, and fade toward the fronts more.

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Ill try the Front fade again, see how I like it, about bass seems that will help stop the distortion by capping the lows..but I'm afraid if i do that I'll loose my bass and I want my bass :-). I don't listen to rap, but I do listen to hardcore rock.

I dont need a lot of bass, I'm not sure if i want to invest in a sub, but by getting the amp and putting the rears on that, wont I be able to turn the volume higher without as much distortion?

I donno, the thought of bass blockers kind of scares me, now that i think about it the rears don't really crack unless its really loud..I still it damn loud without much distortion.

What are your thoughts of my ideas of a AMP in the previous post?

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they aren't made to produce bass.
that's your problem in a nutshell.
put high-pass filters on the components, at about 100-150Hz.
then add a small sub for low end fill, like an Infinity basslink X.
it's a cheap solution, takes hardly any space, easy install, easy removal if ya need the room, and it isn't overwhelming so it'll do exactly what you're after.
it's an ideal solution for you.
they are all over ebay, new, for pretty cheap.
that's my suggestion as a course of action.
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