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hey all, this is my first post so be nice :-)
neway i got a problem, i recently bought a Pioneer DEH-P5650 head unit. and im having probs installin it.

ive got a 1984 Mazda 323 and..
i know how to do the speaker bits but i got 3 wires i dont know what to do with they are
1. Red
2. Red + Orange
3. Red + white

but i dont know which wires they conect to on the new head unit. im asuming its a combination of the following

"10. Yellow - power reguardless of ignition position"

"11. Red - controlled by ignition switch"

"12. Orange/white - to lighting switch terminal

ive planted the earth wire on the chassis but I just don't know what those original 3 wires connect to.

Plz help, im leaving for schoolies this weekend and I wana crack it while im drivin u there ;)

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use a volt meter to read those wires, if you already know the speaker wires then all you need is a constaant and switched. and you seem to know the difference between them so you should be fine. remember, when in dought...meter it!
l8r, welcome to the forum:-)

tie them in a knot and forget about them and hum the whole way there. loudly

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hi, I have a pioneer DEH-P5650 head unit and am connecting it myself.
I have connected all the wires except the orange white wire which says "lighting switch terminal".
It is the first time i see this wire, non of my OLD units have it. Where do i connect it?

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don't even worry about connecting that up.
it dims the display when you turn the headlights on. just cap it up and forget about it.


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guys! i got a big problem! got a deh-5650mp, hooked it up. Speaker wires sweet! Got the black wire hooked up to the chassis. Got the red wire hooked up to switched power (11.83 v multimeter), yellow to full time power. Although the yellow is only giving me 2-2.5 volts??? I am left with a blue/white wire, yellow/black wire, and orange/white wire. If i leave these three out, wouldnt the player still go??? wats wrong???

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yellow should go to a constant 12+ wire.
(a wire that shows 12+ if key is on or in your pocket)

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