Kicker XS100? PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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i just heard a sub on a kicker xs100 today. wow!

the amp is rated for 50x2 @ 4ohms, but it puts out like 1400-1600wrms @ 1ohm!!! the guy said it was rated like that so you can use it in the low power classes, 0-300w class. his two solobaric 12's were slammin on that amp!

i think that amps like that should be banded from comps. but i would still like to own one! LOL. anyone have any feedback on this amp or know where i can get one?

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50x2 @ 4 ohms would be ideally, 200 watts x 2 @ 1 ohm.
that's still only 400 watts, and in reality, you never truly double power with half the load due to efficiency losses.

Orion has been building this type of amplifier since the 1980s, by the way specifically for the purpose of competitions, to point out the flaw in IASCA power classes.
Their "HCCA" line is stable to one or half an ohm.
(HCCA = high current competition amplifier)

Kicker 02KX1200.1 = over 1200wRMS @ 1 ohm, rated for 300 watts @ 4 ohms.
Kicker 04SX1250.1 puts out over 1250 watts at 1 ohm, as well.
Orion 225HCCA is rated for 25 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms.
it really puts out over 400 watts @ .5 ohms
Orion 250HCCA is rated for 50 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms.
it really puts out over 400 watts @ 1 ohm
Orion 475HCCA is also 4 channels and 1 ohm stable.
same deal.
Orion 2100HCCA, actively cooled, 2 feet long, and rated for 100 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms.
stable to 1 ohm for 800wRMS.

I've seen entire systems in IASCA circuits run on two 225HCCA amplifiers with 28 speakers in a hatchback, and hit into the 150s for SPL, and they were in the 0-100 watt class.

Orion took it a step further with their "Concept" line of amplifiers like the Concept 97-1.
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