RF 1001bd Troubleshooting


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I have had this amplifier for 3 months, paired with 2 RF HX2 Punch DVC 2ohm 10's wired in parallel and series at 2 ohm, assisted by a Stinger 1.0 farad cap in a vented box to proper spec. I just transfered to box to a different vehicle to find out the next day after installation and proper functioning the amplifier has no output. The 12+, ground, and remote all test fine. The RCAs are all on the input sockets but I havent test them yet, as I was lacking a meter yesterday (using test light). The main center light on the amp stays on and flickers stronger in intensity as I progressively turn the volume up on the deck yet there is no sound?!? The sub outputs dont register anything on my test light, as they normally would and my digital cap reads a standard decrease in voltage with each hit of the bass, the the amp is hitting, but it cant be heard. I have no idea how to go about solving/fixing the problem Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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check your ground point for continuity.
then use a true-RMS DMM and check speaker leads for voltage. see if you're getting any signal at the output end of the amp.
by the way if the lights on the amp are flickering, you probably have the gains et too high, and/or need a stronger alternator in your charging system.
a capacitor doesn't replace the need for a big enough alternator

Use that DMM to also make sure both main power and remote are getting at least 12VDC.
what are you running for power cable, and to where for power and ground?
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