Sonympcdxmp70--tray troubles


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My flip face flips but the cd tray dosent come out.Sometimes it will if I push the eject button about 10 or 15 times in rapid sucession.Any Ideas

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that sounds like mine-only my gears turn-non stop-even after I turn off the car. I have to push reset (under the face) and start the whole thing over again. Here is what I found on a different website: "Another prob to watch out for on this HU: CD eating. Put in a CD and it sits halfway out while the deck makes a horrible grinding noise. Only option is to yank the disc out, putting huge straight scratches on it, and having to push the reset button behind the faceplate. Took the thing apart and discovered that the rollers are on a plate which swings up to engage on a gear. Plate has 2 metal tabs which position it which can become bent over time so the gears won't line up, resulting in your deck eating CD's, unless you tilt the disk forward while loading to counteract the roller plate wear. Maybe Sony knew this would happen when they decided to call this P.O.S. an "Xplod." Luckily I was able to fix mine, but unless you're mechanically inclined AND cheap (like myself), I'd advise against a Sony head unit."
Try bending the plate so it engages with the gears. It really isn't as hard or "mechanical" as it sounds. Hope this helps!
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