Boss MP3 3030r - Need More Power!!!


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I got this radio a while back because it was cheap ($80) and it played mp3s. I was using the stock setup for the rest in my 98 Malibu until recently when I switched my speakers to the following:

Front 4x6 -- Pioneer TS-P462 -- 150 watt -- 2way
50watt nominal

Rear 6x9 -- Pioneer TS-A6980S -- 350 watt -- 4way
80watt nominal

The radio [50x4 supposedly] powers the front speakers fine since they're small and only for the upper mids to highs...The rears however go on but there is damn near no bass coming out of them and when I put up the radio it distorts like hell. Also the radio barely gets power to the 4 drivers, if I leave a window open and step 5 feet back you can barely hear anything coming out of the car!

OK-- Finally to the question(s), The radio has a 5volt Pre-Amp output for the 4 speakers and I've got a craptacular Pyramid PB444x 400watt amp...If I setup the amp for the rear speakers would I get the bass I'm looking for or will I need to change the radio itself? I don't need a competition system but I do want some BASS outa my new speakers--- the rears at least. Thanks in advance.

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If you suggest another radio--- what mp3 unit would you suggest? I could drop around $150 at most [maybe get it used from somewhere]

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6x9s aren't made for bass. particularly not a 4-way with 3 tweeters.
if you want low end, add a subwoofer with an amplifier, and add bass-blockers to the 4 cabin speakers.
that'll help a lot more than overpowering the 6x9s and getting distortion just to try adding low freq output to them
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