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i have a pioneer dehp-3600 and much like all other head units it has a ton of equalizer type stuff can someone tell me what q factor is all about. I know it is curve characteristics but you can adjust the lows, mids and high frequencies and the q factor for each of those low:40-80-100-160hz Mid:200-500-1k-2khz and high:3k-8k-10-12hz and the q factor:2n-1n-1w-2w. I know it may depend on your preference but what is a decent spot to adjust all these at

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a parametric EQ allows three functions to be adusted.

the frequency, or how many Hz the center point of your cut/boost will be

the amount of cut or boost in dB

the Q0factor, or slope of the cut or boost, in dB per octave.
the higher the number the steeper the slope of the cut/boost. the lower the number consequently, the shallower and mroe gradual the roll-off.

Juggalo Jeff
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thanx classy glassy

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more on q-factor here:

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Yeah Q is simply the "Quality Factor" and is a measure of "steepness of resonance". Its simply the center frequency divided by the bandwidth or

Q = fc/(f2-f1)

where fc is the center frequency and f2 and f1 are the upper and lower down 3 dB frequencies or half power points of the signal.

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