Clarion Headunit Folder Play of MP3s


Hi Everyone,

Please respond if you have any suggestions. With a new Clarion headunit DZX645MP3 I want to play ripped MP3s with each album in it's own folder so that I can use the headunit control to switch from folder to folder. I have used MusicMatch to burn MP3 cds but the individual albums play sequentially without the ability to move to different folders, so all the recorded songs are played sequentially.

This headunit is supposed to be able to move from folder to folder at the touch of a button. So my question is what software package(s) should I use so that the MP3 are recorded in separate folders that will be recognized by the headunit? Also should the discs be recorded as audio or data cds or like in MusicMatch as MP3 cds? What settings are used for the tags? I suspect I will need a separate ripper and burner program. If you have experience with this and the setting for the software that would be excellent!

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