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Is having the bass control (rockford) up almost all the way gonna hurt anything?

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The bass control on a rockford amp is just a device that limits power to the amp.

The clearest sound out of an amplifier will be with the boosts off,

If it attaches to the amp from a separate device, like a knob up by the driver through a telephone cord, unplug the cord and use the gain on the amp.

If you are talking about the bass boost on the amp, and your gain is all the way up and your bass boost is all the way up, you are maxing out your amp, it will get hot, not sound good, and not give a clear signal to your subs. Buy a bigger amp.

If however, your boosts are off and you are just talking about the volume control on the amplifier, the amp will probably be ok, but run over extended periods of time it may go into protection.
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