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I have a 95 Jeep wrangler. This summer I installed an Alpine 9835 deck and new speakers (4" Infinity Kappa 42.5i in the sound bar, and 4x6 Infinity Kappa 462.5 in the front. Well the Infinity's are great but now I need some bass badly. I've decided on the subs I want: 2 10's Infinity Perfect 10.1d's in a Q-logic Sealed box. The RMS on the subs are 350 watts. Now I dunno which amp to get to power these? The only thing I could really find was the Alpine MRP-M350. Im not looking to under power or over power them. I'm not sure to rather 2 channel or mono? x 1 x2? I know running them in parallel will give me 2 ohms. Thats about all I understand. AHAHAH HELP Please! !!! THANK U

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opps excuse me they are not d's. They are single voice coils

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If they are 4 ohm single voice coil subs you'd wire em in parallel to get a 2 ohm load.

Most 2 channel amps won't work to well in this situation so I'd recommend a monoblock that gets it best power at 2 ohms.

Gimme a price range and I can make some recommendations.

Here's some basic ones.

Cheap used - JBL 600.1 %26

Cheap new - Soundtream Rub500/2(2 ohm stable mono 2 ch)

BEST DEAL used - Soundstream 702(matches RMS perfect at 700w) 26 - specs

BEST DEAL new - Xtant A6001T %26

Moderately priced new - MTX 801d

High End used - JL Audio 500/1 %26

High End New(no warranty tho) - JL Audio 1000/1 %26

High End new - Zapco C2k-3.0x(665 watts bridged)

good luck :-)



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I am actually considering a similar setup in my 2004 chevy pickup except in my case I am going to do the infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1d which are DVC. I am going to wire them parallel each so I can get a 2ohm rating. The amp I like is the RF T10001b. It is rated at 750RMSx1 @ 2ohms. Is this going to be a problem since the two subs together are only going to equal 700x1@2ohms. I don't want to blow the subs but I wasn't sure if that extra 50RMS would cause a problem with the subs

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Yea.. Most of these amps you recommend are like 500 RMS and such? I thought you were supposed to match the RMS of the subs so in the long run you dont wear them out?

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I have a nice explanation of the difference between resistance and impedance that should hely you understand what it's all about.
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