Wich wire remote turn on wire on factory deck, Image included


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wich wire is remote, its supposed to be blue with white strap but there isnt one, the blue connector on right is rear speakers, black adapter in middle is popwer wich is were i think the wire is and the white one is front speakers & tweeters


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I found a wiring diagram that told me whats what but im not sure which is remote, whould it be the switched 12v power?

Constant 12V+ Orange
Switched 12V+ Yellow
Ground Black
Illumination Gray
Dimmer Brown
Antenna Trigger Pink

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Yes, go with swiched. That basically means can be swiched from off to on.

Also, how were you able to put in the picture, how did you size it down below 600x600?

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you're supposed to use the antenea for amp turn on

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i figured it out thanks anyways i heard someone else mention something about ant trigger so i tried the pink wire and it works.

as for picture i have a digital comera and it uploaded a pics to my pc that i took and then i used fireworks (only program installed that could edit the image i have photoshop but wasnt installed), and i changed it to less then 600x600

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Mike, Dont most power antennas wires only send power when listening to the radio? Why not use the remote out or the 12 volt switched that puts out power anytime the radio (cd player) is turned on.

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yeah pwr ant only works with the FM radio usually.
some are full time but not as often.
safest bet with a fctory deck is to used the switched ignition lead for a remote trigger for amplifiers.
I'd go with Jeremy and Pat on that one.
If this causes introduction of noise into the system, then we can look for alternative triggers.
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