Help wiring 2 subs to a mono amp


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I have 2 12" sony P5 subwoofers and I need to know how to wire them to a mono audiobahn A8000T amplifier. Does anyone know how to do this? Please help!

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Ok, those are 4 ohm subs and thats a monoblock amp stable to 2 ohms so you need to wire those Sony's in parallel to give you a 2 ohm load.

There's two ways of doing this depending on how your box is wired. If you have two sets of terminal cups(one for each sub) then just connect (+) to (+) and (-) to (-) from each terminal cup to the amp. Even though thats a mono amp it probably has two sets of speaker connectors. Just use those.

If you have only one terminal cup on your box then you need to wire the (+) of one sub to the (+) of the other and likewise with the (-) terminals. Then run one sub to the correct inside posts on the terminal cup and do the same on the outside to the amp. You could also just connect each speaker together at the terminal cup.

And be careful. You'll be providing 400 watts RMS to a sub that is only rated(and probably enthusiasticly at that) at 350 watts RMS. Don't go crazy with the bass boost and/or your amplifier gains. You could end up smoking those P5's.

good luck :-)


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could you just put both + wires coming from your subs on one side of the amp and put both - together on the other side? my amp says it can be bridged and i was wondering how to get more power to my CVR12's

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If the amp is stable at that load, you can bridge it to mono and then do what Fishy describes and run it in parallel. Lots of folks with 2 subs do this with a stereo amp to get more juice. Subs are usually best in mono anyway so why not get as much power to them as you can. More is usually better, just be careful (again like Fishy says) and don't get too crazy with the gains because now you are not only working the amp twice as hard (if it's stable to 2 ohms or less) but the subs are getting (probably) double the sauce.

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i have a question regarding this

i have two shivas at 8ohm each voice coil, ddual voice coil

how would i wire these two subs using all four voice coils to a mono amp stable at 2 ohms i want wired at 2, amp kx600.1 kicker,

i was going to parrallel connect one subs voice coils togther then the other subs making both subs 4 ohms but how would i get it to 2 ohms.

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that would be wire the vc in parallel making 4 ohms a piece per speaker, then the speakers in parallel for 2 ohm load total

so parallel vcs and parallel speakers, everything parallel :-)

Krazy Karl
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jeremie is dead on correct.

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I was curious how to wire my 2 kicker Comp CVR12's (4ohm) with my Audiobahn A8002T(800watts bridged at 4ohm) I had it wired one way but kept overheating and melted my fuse, please do help....
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