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I have an amp that is 4 Ohm stable in mono.What will happen if i wire the subs in 1Ohm what will it do to my car or stereo?

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Your amp will probably produce more power as heat thru the heat sink than thru its outputs possibly even less output than at 4 ohms. But hey if you have some hot dogs you could have a wienie roast at least until your amp goes into protect mode.


No, 1 ohm mono would not be a good idea.


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I have heard of two ways to get power to a new amp. First run the power cable to the battery terminal on ur car through the firewall(that just sounds impossible), and second run the power cable to the back of your receiver. Will they both work and if so which one is easier.

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Never wire the power cable to the back of your reciever. Power flows from ground, not positive.
You have to run the power cable to the battery with a fuse installed close to the battery. Run it to the battery. The only cables that come from your reciever are remote wire and RCA lines.

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Ya thats what i thought but i read somewhere on the internet that you could run it to the back of your reciever. How would you get the power wire through the fire wall and to the battery because i have been looking at it and it looks pretty tough but everything else looks pretty easy.

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There's pleny of spots in the firewall. Check where the main power for your fuseblock runs thru the firewall. Just look in the engine compartment for bundles of wires rinning towards the firewall. or you can CAREFULLY make your own hole in a free location, use grommets or rubber hose to protect the wire though. If you have a foot-type e-brake, there will be a big hole there.
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