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i got one dual 2ohm sub n two 6x9 speakers dont know wht resistance..

how can i wire them for a 2ohm stable amp ?

also is a 2 channel amp good enough or should i buy a 2/3/4 channel amp for it ??

i have a pioneer deh 7450mp player which has th option of turning off th sub frm it if th car is still (engine not running) will this option work with a 2 channel amp ?

help me out.. the shop fellows here know nothing n r only trying to sell their most xpensive products.. i m not sure if they even can wire corrctly.. its all stereotype..

am new n really want to get some advise frm u people who really kno stuff..

thank you..

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hello ? someone please help !

Krazy Karl
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Just for the record, you should try to use whole words in your post, it makes it easier to read/understand and help you out.

I'm not sure what you mean about your DEH-7450 turning off the sub if the car is off. Do you mean turn off the amp? This should be done with the power antenna wire which will cut power to the amp if the deck gets turned off (including the car getting turned off).

I'm assuming that you have a single sub with dual voice coils which are 2ohms each (or maybe a 2ohm single v/c sub made by Dual). I'll also assume that your 6x9s are 4ohm each. Using a single 2 channel amp, if you hook one voice coil and one 6x9 to the left output and the other v/c and 6x9 to the right output of your amp you will end up with a 1.333 ohm load which is too low. If you added another DVC sub at 2ohm for each v/c, you could series wire the voice coils on each sub (which would make it a 4ohm sub) and then run each sub in parallel with the 6x9s for a 2ohm load at the amp. The drawback with either of these is that you would need to use passive crossovers on the sub to pull out the high freq. but still leave full range (or just high pass) to the 6x9s. A 4 channel amp lets you run the 6x9s on 2 of the channels at full range and then use the other channels for the sub. If the sub is actually a dvc @ 2ohms for each coil, just hook each coil up to the 3rd and 4th channel and they will run at 2ohms. This can also be accomplished by getting a separate 2 channel amp for the subs. Make sure the sub amp is stable to 2ohms.

Hope this helps. If my assumptions are incorrect, please advise.

Krazy Karl
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Also check this out:

Someone posted it earlier and I've spent the last 2 hours reading. It's awesome.

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thanks a lot for your advice..

so i really will have to buy a 4channel amp i think. because i need to carry things in my trunk and there is no way that i can have another sub in parallel to th existing one.

yes your assumptions were correct the sub is a dual 2ohm n the 6x9s 4ohm each..

is kenwood KAC7201 800w amp good for the sub alone ? is it low power using? class d? just guessing !

i can use the existing amp for the 6x9s and the new amp for the 1 subwoofer alone. do u suggest any mono amps ? if possible please give me the amp specifications of the amp to use rather than the brnad because i m not sure if i can really find them in here where i stay..

amps make a difference i know because i have seen my friends one same sub wired with a pioneer 944w amp and a blaupunkt velocity 600w amp.. the effect was incomparible.. with the velocity amp taking the lead.. ofcourse it came with a price tag of 235pounds.

about the deck.. it has an option which say subwoofer on/off.. if u select off the subwoofer is turned off but the side speakers go on.. hence very useful when the car is turned off n i when i really dont need the thump.
my friend has this kind working with his 4 channel amp and a similar pioneer deck.
i was asking if it would work on a two channel amp since the sub is bridged.

and yes.. .. i know that cause i built my own enclosure using the tutorial they have on their site :-)

thanks for your help..

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hey again..

for the 2channel separate amp for the sub..

will the sub coils be in parallel n then be connected to the amp like being bridged..
one coil to the left and other to the right ?

sorry if i am asking too much.. but i really have no one to guide me to do this.. n this is my first install where i m putting in my own earned money..

Krazy Karl
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If the sub has 2x 2ohm voice coils, you should probably wire them to the left and right of the stereo amp. I would make sure you send each of the the inputs on the amp the same signal (mono) so that the two coils are each seeing identical information. I'm assuming a 4ohm amp that would probably be stable to 2ohms. If it is stable down to 1 or .5 ohms then you could go with a mono and parallel the vc's to it, or brige a stereo amp and parallel the vc's to the one bridged output for a 1ohm load. Unless you have an external crossover, you may want to get an amp with a LPF built in. Make SURE it is stable at 1ohm or you will get freaky results and lots of HEAT and distortion!

As far as what specific amp to recommend, I'll have to defer to the group on that one. I've been out of the game for a few years and am certainly not up on the current gear. I know all about the physics of sound and the wiring but newer model numbers, I'm a little dicey. When I quit paying attention to car-fi, PPI was great as well as RF and Phoenix Gold. A lot of companies have sold their names to another manufacturer and aren't the same as they were back in the day. It's hard to compare "watts" to "watts" much like your example of the 600W amp blowing away the 944W amp. If you are limited in your selection where you are (Somewhere, England?) you may need to set yourself a price point and go listen on a sub like yours. Make sure they have a good return policy so if it doesn't perform, you can return/exchange it for a different choice. Most places are pretty cool about getting you what you need as long as you don't bang up their gear before you try to return it.

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Also...if the amp is wired correctly, when the car is tuned off, the "remote" wire won't have power and the amp won't be powered anyway (they do this so you don't drain your battery). The sub off option is nice if you are listening to sports talk radio and don't need the boom however.

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u brought a smile to my face !

thanks a lot man !
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