Remote turn on wire & Linout Converter Help / Hi level input?


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ok so i have a factory deck, someone told me i needed a lineout converter for it for 2 rca outputs. but i dont know where to connect it i took out my deck but i dont see where i could put a few wires from it (i dont have it yet). So is there a hi level imput wire that i could use maybe, back of deck has a place for a connector with like 6 prongs sticking out might be double layered,

either way. also where would i connect the remote turn on wire to the deck.

also if i have two amps would i need that wire to the second amp or if i use rca out on the first amp would that be good enough? splitter maybe?

for now i just want to make it so i can use 1 amp.

ill worry about 2 later but if you know that would be grateful.

You need to splice 1 or more of the wires and for the rca out puts. if i were you i would go and buy a cheap deck with outputs in it so i dont have to worry about the splicing, in my opinion most factory car decks suck compared to the ones u buy seperate.

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yah but the amp im connecting to has a preamp out so i can use the rca cables from that to the second as for the remote i could splice to both, but im confused how to wire a lineout converter

do i connect the wires, each individual into the connector, where it would connect into deck,

I may end up havning speakers ran off deck, could i do this and still have speakers going to amp or should i just use amp for speakers.

i may just get lineout i dont have money for a deck right now 80 is too much as long as a linout dosnt cost more then 25 ill be good.

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wait couldnt i just use the high level input on the amps? would that be easy if so where could i get a cable for it.

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You can connect your remote turn on wire to the power antenna lead of your factory deck if you can't find a rem lead. Which wire(s) these are I couldn't tell you.

Your best option as mentioned above would be to purchase an inexpensive aftermarket h/u.

Line out converters, and there's one in your amp if it has hi level inputs, can put a pretty big hurtin on sound quality. They can add distortion, noise, and limit your system's frequency response and a really good one can cost upwards of 30 or 40 bucks.

If your just looking for something loud use the high level inputs, but if you enjoy music the way its supposed to sound I'd invest in a decent h/u. Just about any aftermarket piece would be an improvement.

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