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Im gonna install a amp to my stock HU to power 1 12in sub. I already bought a pyramid high low converter "cheap". I need help on how to set it up. I know you have to tap it into the rear speaker wires, my questions are

1) do I really have to tap it into the rear speaker wires driectly on the back of the Head Unit, or can you tap it into the speakers/speaker wires themself in the trunk. The distance will lower the quality?

2)Second is How do i set it. My high low convertor is adjustable. I was fooling around with the two knobs and now dont know the orignal settings. I assume turning left is low and right is high, its not labeled. What are the settings usually for? If something goes wrong with the settings and it doesnt match my HU or amp will something get damaged? Should I just put it all in the middle?

And if anybody owns a 02 volvo s40 and knows a good place to ground a amp in the trunk let me know.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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You can get it from the back. It isn't going to make a difference. (Unless there is a factory amp)Adjust the converter after the install is complete. You will be able to tell the diffrence when the radio & amp are on. There really isn't a "orignal" setting. As for the ground, use a 1\4" self tapping screw & do it somewhere under the carpeting. Very simple.

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This is really a question about home audio, but judging from this question and answer, you folks know about these things in a general way.

I'm using a fancy receiver for a preamp, because I have a whole-house Elan combination-amp-camera-DBX phone system, and I couldn't find an actual preamp or mixer that would take inputs from so many sources through optical, coaxial, S-video, composite video, and ordinary RCA connections.

One of my home theater receivers has preamp outputs for front, center, and rear amps, but my primary hub doesn't. I'm using the headphone output, running it to a distribution amp with four outputs to serve all the components, including the Elan, that I need to drive.

This works, despite whatever impedance mismatches it might create, but I wondered if I couldn't use a line-out converter on the main two speaker outputs. Can this be done in the absence of actual speakers? If not, I could run the speaker output to one room in lieu of the Elan speaker output. The Elan doorbell and phone-intercom interrupt-override would still work the way I have things connected.

But how do these converters work? Do they simply step the speaker output down with transformers or resistors? Or do you still have to have speakers connected to provide correct impedance?

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Yep, they're simply a couple of step down transformers(two adjacent coils). I've always tried to avoid using them as they can add distortion and noise and reduce frequency response, but utilizing a stock headunit with external amplifiers can leave you with no choice.

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