What is this MaxxBass 103?


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i was checkino n this forum and theres an ad for this MaxxBass 103 thing http://www.wavescaraudio.com/ it looks completely overrated and way too good to be true. what is it?

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thats a waste of money. even if it does what it says it supposed to do why would would anyone want it. small speakers are not supposed to produce bass tones and they wont be deep at all.

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Hi all,
MaxxBass unit analyzes very low frequencies in the audio signal, and replaces them with harmonic content. Basicly shifting the low end content to areas where speakers produce. The result is a sound that is simaler to bigger speakers. Any way you look at it, it sounds really good, and it works. It makes little speakers sound as if they are big speakers.
Also with MaxxBass, drivers don't have to work as hard to generate higher output levels, because unlike bass boosts equalizers that increase peak power and speaker excursion, MaxxBass doesn't oversize speaker limitations.
hope this helps,
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I used to work for a high end home audio shop (mid 90's) and we carried a product from Audio Control. I don't think this is the same animal but they had a couple of products that everybody was into. For home it was called a Phase Coupled Activator and for the car it was called the Epicenter (with Phase Coupled Activator technology). I'm sure most of you older guys remember the Epicenter. The home and car units were the same product and what they did was actually put the low frequencies back into the music. Kind of like what Dan Fridman is describing but maybe a little different. This piece definitely needed a bigger speaker. This is the story that the Audio Control Rep gave me and it was from around 96 so I might be a little cloudy in my terminology but I'll give it a shot.

This is how it works:
Most of the truly low notes from the original performance (recording session) are left out of the product you buy in the store. This is either intentionally to save "space" or as a function of the recording process not capturing material below a certain frequency (take mini-disc for instance, no info below 20hz). Anyway, when a note is produced it leaves certain overtones or harmonics which usually occur at higher frequencies than the original (that ARE captured in the recording). These devices would search the frequencies (in real time) and find upper level 2nd and 3rd harmonics that were signatures of the original low bass tone that was left out of the recording. It would then put those notes back into the stream on it's way to the amp. You could adjust the "amount" or restoration and the level of the output with a simple knob. The Epicenter (car model) had a little box with a knob on it that you pulled up to the cab and you could turn it up and down at will.

I can tell you from experience that it does work. We had a couple of PCA's (Phase Coupled Activator) floating around the shop and anytime we got a new huge subwoofer in, we would always take it to the system with the PCA first. I just found like 15 Epicenters on Ebay anywhere from $15 to $140. After thinking about this again and just hooking my subs back up after 2 years I'm tempted to grab one.

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Your right the epicenter is a great product i have one myself but this thing hes talking abouteliminate the use of a sub and in place makes a 5 t o6 inch speaker sound like a sub, if you want the sound of a sub just buy one lol
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