Pioneer vs. Alpine (help me plz!)


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ok so im choosing an alpine or pioneer Head Unit..

which one should i get? no specific model in mind, just give me something to think about...

give me something that has a lot of power with the internal amp..

Here are my stats...

i have 2 JL 12w6v1

1600 boss amp

and jbl components...

Currently having a 98 deck, which cannot power my subs

im just wondering which head unit is better, in general, no specific model comparison..

if so, give me some good models of each brand

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Pioneer has some awesome mid range cost HUs with dot matrix 3d display animations and lots of EQ features. But if you want to go high end id go with Alpine. To much stuff to write down about both of them would be here for hours comparing so many features between the two companies especially just a general overall view. As far as HU output no matter what HU it is you are pretty much going to get from 20 - 24 RMS output, that is the limit your battery imposes w/o another amp.

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Why is Alpine so good? The preout voltage on premier is 6.5v vs. 4v in alpine. Many people choose Alpine and i'm trying to find out why? Is it because it has more settings?

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The technology and features to customize your sound preferance is very superior with Alpine HUs. The quality of their equalizers and HUs is among the best you can buy, to judge a HU by preout voltage is
not a good way to go about things. :-)

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not to mention alpines tend to last forever. good reliability.
I have alpine units from the 80s and early 90s still.
both make good units.
I own both pioneer premier and alpine gear, but if you want to see truly high performance, look at the Alpine CDA-7990.
it's gorgeous.

a side note on pre-out voltages, most amplifiers can't handle more than 4 volts nominal input voltage, so anything higher will overdrive the amp's input stage unless the amp is designed to handle high voltage input signals.
something to keep in mind.

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OK, gotcha. What about the EQ on the Ecplise units? Are they as good as the Alpine's? Zapco amps can handle 8V preouts right?

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yeah pretty much.. although I tend to use external EQs myself.. not the head unit ones.
Zapco's C2K line handles 8V, not sure on the REF line, but they should.
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