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Which would hit better 4 8 w3v2d4's running a 500/1 JL amp, or 3 10 w3v2d4's running a jl 1000/1 amp?

Reason why I bring this up is I was looking at the specs for the subs and the 8's require 125rms, and having 4 would allow me to use the 500/1, and it would be great because since the jl stuff is underrated it would be good. Also, the space needed for them is .3 - .5 cubic feet per sub, and I think that the space under my silverado back seat would have about the perfect amount of space.

On the other hand, the 10's require .6 - .9 cubic feet of space, and putting three in there, would be just about cutting it close to the required amount of space... but since the space specification is forgiving for the JL amp (or so the installer said when I got quoted at one place), how forgiving would it be to the bass that it would put out? These 3 10's would get the 1000/1 amp.

So the question is -- even though i think i know the answer -- that if in fact i can fit the 3 tens under the seat how would this compare to the 4 8's? In both of these circumstances, how hard would both of these hit, in addition to, having the proper space etc? (because I've been told that I could fit 12's back there, and I can, but the box would not do the subs justice because of the space limitations, so it would be a huge waste... so i dont want to put something in there just because I can, i want to do it properly to the specs)...


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Personally i think the bigger you can go IN A TRUCK the better, i had a 1996 1500 Chevy and i had one 10" in it and it was alright. But its a good think my freind talked me into a 10" over the 8" i was going to put in. Because its a bit of a challenge getting Trucks to have clear, loud sound. Because of the fact that the subs are hidden or some what muffled (ie; under the rear bench seats)

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hmm, what kind of sub was it and where was it in your truck

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The 3 10s would hit the hardest, but like you said I think you already knew that. The problem with trucks is that you don't get the gain that you would in a car such as a hatchback, etc., especially in the case of mounting the subs under the rear seat. Downfiring tends to work well in trucks.

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yeah, thats what I have been told. I think when i get a new car, even though i just got one, im going to get a full size suv (ie. expedition) or something similar, just so i can have a ported 20 CUBIC FOOT BOX !..

maybe exaggerated that too much, but, you get the idea :-)
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