Speakers Cut Out While Braking


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I'm having a problem with my speakers cutting out when I apply the brake. It never used to do this up until recently, and I have all the same speakers/etc.. Once it cuts out, it stays out until (usually) I accelerate again. I can hear them cutting out from in the back speakers, but nothing in the front. I've got no clue what's going on, and it hasn't happened until now (and I've had the car about two years now). Any ideas?

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ur alternator

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It could very well be you're alternator. If you have a voltometer check it and see how many volts you're getting in idle. It should be around 13.8. If it's below 13 you're alternator may need replaced or upgraded. Since you've had the car 2 years it probably just needs replaced, unless you've uupgraded your electricity usage recently, which can happen with even just LED's or neons. If your voltage is fine your speakers may be going on you. This is harder to tell with and you're gonna need some1 more intelligent then me to tell you how best to know. The reason it may just be the back is because (I believe) usually the bigger speakers need more power.

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could also be faulty wiring, bad ground, or a speaker grounding out.
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