My car battery dies last night!!!!


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hey everybody i'm new here and need some advice....
my car battery died last night and i wanna know if i'm just asking too much from it with the setup i have or maybe something (ground, power wire) is setup wrong causing the battery to die.

i have sony xplod 504z 4ch amp powering my highs a kenwood kac 4285 250watt amp powering my 8inch jensen cannon, piece of sxxx sub, but it sounds alright for now, i bought a 10inch type R but have no box for it yet..... i also have a mtx low pass/high pass xover.....i bought a 4 gauge wiring kit and everything seems to be wired up fine, i've had everything installed for about 3 weeks and only yesterday i saw the battery light come on, then die couple hours later.... any ideas?

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buy another battery just for the amps...

..and there is supposed to be some kind of cylinder that holds a battery charge and is used when the subs need that extra thump...dont know what its called.

sorry i couldnt be more kelp

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You need an alternator upgrade. Nothing else, just focus on getting a higher output alternator.

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I have a 98 neon with four amps,2 pioneer 922's and 2 alpines.Total 800watts rms.
My alternator is fine after 6 years of service.
I have a capacitor (cap) and I have to replace the battery every 2and a half years.
Chrysler doesn't offer a higher output alternator and a beefed up alternator or a rebuild is expensive.
I choose to replace my battery each time and have had no performance problems at all.

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thanks for the replies, my father is at my house right now with the battery voltage meter checking what could be the problem, i guess i'll try a cap i have another question.... when i hook up my type R 10inch, that kenwood amp will be really underpowering it right? it's SVC and my amp is bridgeble, what is the best way to wire it untill i get a better amp? and what box should i buy? i'm looking at a sealed ported box, any advice?

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It seems kind of wierd, your system is small so it shouldnt be draining the battery, unless that battery is very old. If your using a stock Head Unit (deck) and you have your remote in the wrong place then that could be an issue. I have a feeling that you AMP is staying on 24-7, it doesnt shut off. You can tell by turning the car off- checking to see if the amp light is on.

A '98 Neon is still running????? LMAO!!!!!!!

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my father found the problem, a wire going into the altenator was cut, so he fixed that everything is cool now...... except i just went to go show my cuz behind my rear seats so i pulled them down....pop, there goes my power wire to my sony amp i'm getting no highs.... the wire was tied up under the seat so when i pulled down the seat there wasn't enough give so the wire poped out of the terminal, i can't for the life of me get the thick 4 gauge wire back into the clip so i gotta go buy a new one, i'm driving with no highs tonight!!!!

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i guess i'll ask again if anybody missed it, but i have a SVC 4 ohm type R 10, the amp i'm gonna hook it up to is a 250watt kenwood 2ch amp that i will bridge and click the switch the mono, is that the best option i have for hooking up this this sub untill i buy a better amp? am i doing damage to this sub by underpowering it? what is the best box that i should buy for this sub? cubic feet?
my system is as follows
pinoeer deh 7600mp head unit
sony xplod 504z amp for the highs
kenwood amp for the sub
8inch jensen cannon(soon to be type R)
mtx low pass/high pass x over
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