Hifonics bx1500d + JL 12w7


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I have a hifonics bx1500d to power my 12w7 but nothing comes out of my sub. (I know the sub works cuz I tested with 2 other amps) The amp powers on but no sound comes out of my sub. The ground, power, remote, and speaker cable all seem to be connected right. There is a line input and output on it, and I have my rca cable running from my cd player to the amps input. (Do I have to use the output as well?) There is also a bass remote with it that uses that telephone looking wire. When I plug in the phone lookin wire in to my amp the sub will make a little bump like it turns on but then nothing after that. I have hooked up a few systems before, but never with a mono amp, they were either 2 or 4 channel. Is there something that I am missing, because I can't figure it out and its really frustrating. Please help!

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i though at first maybe the dual voice coils were out of phase, but clearly not if your sub moves when you plug in the remote, to me it sounds like there isn't any signal goin through the rca's. (yes only plug into the "input")
maybe your "sub out" is turned off on your deck or maybe the rca's are just unplugged from the deck, check that first then post back
ps i've seen many amps light come on but not play because the fuse under the hood was blown

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I dont have a sub out turn off optinon on my cd player, its kinda old. It does have a line out for front and rear and I tried running the rca to both and still nothing. I just got a new amp wiring kit and re-wired everything, its 4gauge, which the amp says it should have. I triple checked every wire to make sure its all connected tightly. I checked every fuse under my hood of my car, and the ones inside the pannel of my car, and the amp, and no fuse is blown. Im down to the point where I might just take it in to a audio shop, which I dont really want to do but it looks like its gonna end up that way. Any other suggestions? Thank you for the reply zacdavis~
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