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Alright, I just got done getting my system professionaly installed, but I have a pretty bad power problem.... Im running a Visonik 400 watt RMS amp for my full range speakers, and a HCT2300 Audiobahn amp thats at 2400 watts RMS that powers my 2 Audiobahn Alum12Q's, plus upgraded headlights and neon underbodies. I already went ahead and got an optima yellow top and a audiobahn 1 farad cap, but it doesnt do much in stopping my lights from dimming pretty bad. I cant go any further than half way on my bass boost remote with out the clipping indicator going red. My system is already loud but I know it has much more potential. I drive a 2001 silverado 1500. Im guessing it has a stock alternator that runs at no more then 90 amps. Should I go ahead and have it re-wired or just buy another alternator, because im guessing I will need AT least a 200 amp alt.

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well it sounds like you got lots of suff runing that can tax the alternator other than just your stero... by the way it must be perty sweet.. i would get a new biger alternator, it is probly is part of your prob. but i dont know if is just that. I have a frind that had that prob. but he got a new alternator and he dose not have that prob. anymore

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lol, ya know 2800 watts is just a lil under 4 hp thats gotta come from somewhere.

I'd say a bigger alternator would be a pretty good idea.

-Fishy :P

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by the way if im not mistake that HCT2300 Audiobahn amp has a 160 amp fuse on it alone plus the other fuse sizes and how much power your actually pulling out of the amps so say the amp is 800 rms at 2 ohms but your running it at 400 rms 4 ohms you basically divide the fuse rating in half and so on and so forth as it applied to each amp and how it was this is an estimation because an amp never draws exactly what the fuse is rated but it is close enough to use this formula

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get something either than audiobahn, i have had several problems with audiobahn amps taking more power then they should...likely just sending it right to the voice coils and frying them....

On the other hand YES, new altenator is required if led indicator turns red, and NO, another battery will make your problems worse...
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