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Hello Guyz! just like to ask, what most of you would prefer if you were to choose between a 4channel or 6 channel system?

JBL GTO4000 4-channel 600W amplifier (2x100W + 300W);Infinity Reference 1030W 1000W subwoofer
10";Infinity Reference 9603i 300W 6x9 speaker

Infinity RA-5004 4-channel amplifier (2x75W + 300W RMS );Infinity Reference 1230W subwoofer
Infinity Reference 9603i 6x9 speakers

JBL GTO-755.6 6-channel 1100W amplifier (4x100W + 400W);JBL GT4-12 1000W subwoofer
12"; JBL GTO936e 300W 6x9 speakers;JBL GTO6506ce components

By the way, are Infinity Subs OK over JBL?...how bout the Amps? JBL or INFINITY? should I use just 1 or 2subs? sorry about all the queries, I have learned a great deal from all your responses in this forum, I could use some more Input pls...Thanks in advance!

I hear ya man! Not many people are commenting on those new infinity amps!

I'd prefer a 4 channel. Thats just me though...think about it...it is more flexable if you buy the 6 channel your system is "complete". You'll never be able to experimiment or be on the look out for amps/setups. Also my system is a work in progress which makes it that much more enjoyable.

It is kinda like sex, you can't just go in and 'git er done' you gotta finese it, explore what you like, try out other stuff, see whats out there, and if some new hot blonde amp comes along, you may wanna integrate that into your system.


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id do the six channel and id probably pick the jbl amp over the reference infinity amps

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Why sean?
Cause someone told you JBL amps were better than the infinity?

or you have tested both? don't think so, I bet you haven't even heard either of those amps.

Stop repeating what everyone else says about JBL and we like to hear some facts as to WHY you would choose the JBL over the infinity.


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look big d he asked me i gave my opinion nuff said dont be so rude

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guys, I just want to know if I would make a good decision in setting up my ICE. no one needs to be upset about any comments. I appreciate your inputs...I am new to all these, and every comment I receive gives me an idea on what to do next. Like...I have realized about what "anonymous" has posted, thats maybe the reason why I see some system with so many different "AMPS" all hooked up together makes me wonder why they would need so many...wherein, one setup would do. But now I learned what the logic of "when a new blonde comes along" really means. well...the reason why I am considering JBL/or Infinity, is because they seem to be the common ones I heard, perhaps they are entry level or not so high end...I am not in that level of experimenting yet. This is my first setup, and maybe when I learn more I will progress. I have heard of Kicker, and few other expensive names...but as I said I am not ready for it.
On the other hand, FYI, I am from the UK so, there might be some brands you know that I've never heard of...vice versa. but there are a few brands here, that I dont really know if it serves well...Anybody heard of CRUNCH,VRX and RENEGADE??? they seem to be quite popular here, but I dont have the urge to be stereotype...
anyways, enough said. Big D has a point r/g"FACTS"...and I would want to hear from those with experience. THANKS SO MUCH for your patience and replies. ;)

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with the 6 channel, you can put a 5.1 dolby system in your car man! that would be pretty cool. for the 4 channel, you can possibly bridge the two channels together for the subs, and the other two for your fronts. between 4 and 6 channel, i'd rather go with the 6 channel. but if you want a bad a$$ system that bumps, you're better off getting a mono amp for your subs. either infinity and jbl is fine in my opinion. they're both made by harmon kardon i think, and they're really good in surround sound systems.
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