Wiring up my new Orions


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i just bought 2 ORION C12D4's...i also just got a custom ported box for my new lexus...the amp i got right now is the audiobahn A2601Q....wut is the best way to wire them up if i want these subs to POUND!??? someone help....

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the subs are dual 4 ohm.....

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http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/rftech/wiringwizard.asp?WoofQty=2%2Bwoofers&WoofI mp=Dual%2BVoice%2BCoil%2B-%2B4%2Bohms%2Bx%2B2&image.x=19&image.y=13 there ya go

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hmmm...from taht link...it looks like i cant get the 2 subs down to 2 OHM...but i think the guy at the dealer said i could...cuz teh amp can only get down to 2 OHM stable....the subs are dual 4 ohm....and the amp puts out i think 600x1@2ohm....so he made it seem like i could get 300 to each sub....and he had them on dispaly pusing 300 to each sub...and i fell in love with them....thats why i bought them...is this correct??? or do i need to yell at this guy when i go back to pick up my custom box when its ready???

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You have a 2 channel amp. Wire the voice coils in series, and the subs in parallel to the amp. This will present a 4 ohm load, then bridge the amp and wire the subs to the bridged channel. By the way, that amp is only rated to do 410 RMS bridged, that sales guy fed you a line of bullsh*t if he told you it'd do 600 watts RMS, unless he's giving you peak watt figures, then he's REALLY telling you a load of crap.

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thanks....well yea...i went to go pick up my new box today...and yea i got it all straightend out..looks like im gonnna have to stick with the 410 watts for now....until i get a amp that is 1 ohm stable...but i hooked them up about 2 hours ago....and that box(supossedly custom to specs and my trunk) actually makes a HUGGEEEEE difference!!
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