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I have a pioneer head unit, and it has a loudness option. Right now I have the loudness set to high. Should I set my gains with the HU on loudness or off? Right now I can only turn up my volume to about 25-30 out of 62 without going completely deaf. I set the gains with the volume at 25 on loundess.

When I was setting them the sub sounded fine with the gain all the way up, I only have 620 watts going to an IDMAX. But if I am trying to test the excursion or something I don't know how far I can turn it until I will damage the sub, anybody have an ideas? Should I turn the loudness off before I set the gain? Thanks

u wont no wat possible ure underpowerin the sub by 480 watts if u have the good 1 but if not turn it up until it starts distortin din u no if u hit the excursion' but i have no i idea about gain but i think it has somethin 2 do wit matchin your HU or u will b cliipin the amp not 4 sure though

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I have a pionner h-u also, but i have 3 levels to the loudness, low, med, high. Tell me if it's the same h-u and i'll help out, if not, well my loudness isn't at high, it's at med, i find it has more spl, at high, the sq hops in and the is less spl, don't know if it is the same for you.... Try it out at med and see

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bump.. jon do you know?

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"eq"ing your system should be set at your personal preference, the only major thing to look out for is speaker and amp distortion, listen to make sure its sounds good, thats all.
now myself, i personally never boost any thing, i was taught by jason chamley not to ever "ever" boost a fz, instead "cut out" the other fz's that overwhelm the ones that need boosting, i could explain better if needed

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what exactly would the bass boost or the loudness option do? wouldnt it sound better by just turning up the volume while on the normal setting? w/o the loudness set to high does it distort at the same volume level?
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