This a good alarm? Black Widow BW2150 4-Button Vehicle Security System


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The Black Widow BW2150 4-Button Vehicle Security System

* Two 4-button Transmitters with Labeled Rubber Buttons
* Built-in Relays for Starter Disable and Flashing Parking Lights
* Door Lock Outputs
* Plug-in Electronic Shock Sensor w/Light Impact Response
* LED Status Indicator
* Emergency Override Switch
* 125dB 6-tone Siren
* Auxiliary Output
* Dome Light Output
* Horn Honk Output
* Panic Mode
* Valet Mode
* Tamper Alert
* Automatic Sensor Bypass for Defective Zones
* Programmable Trunk Disarm Feature
* Programmable Active/Passive Arming
* Programmable Automatic Rearming
* Programmable Passive Locking
* Programmable Ignition Controlled Lock/Unlock
* Programmable Extended Pulse Lock Output
* Programmable Double Pulse Unlock Output
* Programmable Chirp Delete
* Remote Chirp Delete
* Non-volatile Memory

Any good?

If not maybe anotherone at this site? cheaper the better

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39 DOLLARS. I would have to say stay away. It might seem like a good deal but unless you can switch the polarity alot of those might not work depending on the vehicale. You will also have very poor distance with the remote, no warranty, lots of false alarms. Just isn't really worth all the hassel. I would save up some money and go with a clifford. You will be alot happier in the end.

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Clifford is made by DEI. JUNK. I have sold Clifford for 10 years they now are owned by DEI, JUNK JUNK. The alarm you are looking at should work just find I have installed it alread. It works but etroincs will not give your money back!!

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as a really cheap basic alarm. yeah. plus etronics sells stuff really cheap.
although i would go with this one, as i am not a "black widow" fan.
Omega K9-Mundial2 Car Alarm

same price, better list of features. works great (got this for my brother last year.) easy to install.

Standard Features

Two 3-button 433MHz code-jumping transmitters
Multi-tone electronic siren with programmable loud or quiet confirmation chirps
Status LED, valet switch
Dual flashing parking light outputs
Plug-in port for optional auxiliary sensor
Negative door trigger input
Positive door trigger input
Negative hood/trunk trigger input
Positive or negative siren/horn output
Starter interrupt output for included relay and socket
Negative door lock and unlock outputs with harness included
Negative auxiliary channel output
Remote panic feature
AU-84TM dual zone shock sensor included
Patented ATV transmitter-tampering protection

Programmable Features

Current sensing
5 second or 3 minute current sensing delay
Last door arming
Doors lock with last door arming
Automatic rearming
Doors lock with automatic rearming
Steady output for siren or pulsed output for horn
Ignition "on" activated lock
Ignition "off" activated unlock
30 or 60 second triggered alarm duration
Single or double pulse unlock output
Open door bypass alert
Auxiliary channel disarms alarm or remote car start mode
Transmitter-activated anti-carjacking
Door activated anti-carjacking
Ignition activated anti-carjacking
Confirmation chirps on or off
One button or two button arming / disarming

my $.02
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