PowerAcoustik 2300W RMS/3000W & 2 pioneer 750rms/2000max


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ok so i want to get those things

The amp
PowerAcoustik A3000DB 3000 Watts Class D Series Amplifier

First if i get this i can connect two subs to it making it work at 2ohms which i want giving me
1800W @ 2Ohms
# Hi Speed Digital Circuitry
# Fully Regulated PWM Power Supply
# Four Way Protection
# 1 Ohm Stable Stereo
# Bridging Synchronization
# Remote Dash Mount Low Level Gain Control With Cable
# System Distress Indicator
# Dual Mono Speaker Output Connectors
# Gold Plated Heavy Duty Power & Speaker Terminals
# 1100W @ 4Ohms
# 1800W @ 2Ohms
# 2300W RMS/3000W Max
# Frequency Response: 15Hz to 150Hz
# S/N Ratio: 100 dB
# THD: 0.5%
# Variable Low Pass 50Hz-150Hz
# Variable Subsonic Filter 15Hz-40Hz
# Variable Subwoofer EQ @ 45Hz
# Phase Switch: 0-180
# Inputs Sensitivity: 200mV-8V
# Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.8" x 11" x 2.3"

well from the way it sounds it also has ports for rear and front speakers or something or would i have to get a seperate amp <:-(> well ok..

2) now thats a lot of power.
can i get a 4 gauge amp kit and it will work with it even say if it was 8?

will my car handle all this power the speakers i have in it now are somewhat new or something i dont anything about them but i know they are pretty good and they didnt come wiht car my granpa bought them.

The car is 1990 , pontiac, bonniville. one of those older looking cars.

well i havnt looked in manuel to see alternators power but well this stuff work.

do i need another amp <omg> for the speakers or what thanks.

Heres the amp kit i want

* 4 ga. / 20 Ft. Clear Red Power Cable
* 4 ga. / 3 Ft. Clear Black Ground Cable
* 12 ga. / 33 Ft. Clear Speaker Cable
* 17 Ft. Blue Turn On Cable
* 17 Ft. Shielded Clear Blue RCA Cable
* AGU Fuse Holder With 60A AGU Fuse
* Complete Accessories
* Double Clamp Blister Packaging

Also im going to parrell connect the subs if i get this stuff im gona order maybe in a few days if everything works out.

i found amp for 300$, 2 subs togther for aobut 220$ total of 525 + 40$ <shipping>

Maybe a capacitor i dont really wnat to spend alot more any help would be apreciated thanks.

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Dont mean to double post but forgot to mention a few things.

The 8 gauge kit comes with a 40A fuse so maybe it does matter, what kit would suit me?


Pioneer TS-W2000SPL 12" Premier Subwoofer

# Interlaced Carbon Fiber / Glass Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone Woofer
# Wide-Roll, 3-Layer Fiber Woven Radial Surround with Honeycomb Cloth
# Double 4-Layer, Long Voice Coil (2 x 4ohm)
# 4-Slit Glass Imide Voice Coil Bobbin
# Conex Damper with Damper Ring
# Projected Pole Yoke with Vented Pole
# Double Stacked Magnets (110 oz.)
# Thick 7/8" (20mm) Top Plate
# Aluminum Die-Cast One-Piece Rigid Chassis
# Silver Binding Posts
# 1-Piece Rubber Gasket
# 750 Watts RMS/2000 Peak Power
# Dual Voice Coil Design (2ohm or 8ohm)
# Frequency Response: 18 - 2kHz
# Sensitivity: 89dB (1W/1m)
# Recommended Enclosure: 1.5 Cubic Feet

So thats those two, i need to find a box too havnt looked at any, know of a good place maybe.

for the capitor couldnt i just get like a 2.4 farad capacitor?

that should cover it i dought ill ever go over that man watts 2400 thats more then the rms and a little under the max but even if i do im sure the alternator could supply a little power maybe?

maybe i need nothing i dont know.

Like this capacitor

PowerAcoustik PC2.4FN Digital Capacitor

* Digital Power Capacitor
* 2.4 Farad
* 24 Volts DC
* Digital Display
* Satin Plated With Cover
* Mounting Brackets
* Double Clamp Blister Packaging

Thanks again
im kinda new to this stuff.
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