Wat to do, 1 farad cap good??


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hey i got 2 amps, a 600 watt amp and a 700 watt amp, this comes out to 1300 watts. a 1 farad cap can handle 1000 watts, and all i got is one 12 volt wire running to my trunk for 2 amps (i have em hooked up like a relay) i was wondering should i get this 1 farad cap and use for both amps, or use for my 700 watt amp cause that is for bass and just run another 12 volt wire to my trunk from my battery/alternator for my 600 watt amp. wat should i do im confused please help

umm im kinda new but you should be able to have that capacitor connect to both using a block from the battery and then connect the two amps to the block beofre the block connect the capacitor, if this (block) is the thing im thinking of, device that lets you connect ttwo amps with only 1 cable to the battery.

I have a similar question though if i got a 2.4 farad capacitor to supply my 3000 max/2300rms power amp will my alternator/battery have enough energy to supply the the capaitor/amp or maybe without the capacitor it would run fine i havnt looked up the power from the alternator yet.
I may get another amp too supplying about300watts max power for my speakers. the other amp is class d so i think it mono

So do you think i need a capacitor? if so could i get a 2.4 farad capacitor and my car could handle it need more information let me know
pontiac, bonniville, 1990 thanks
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