Orion subs/amp ... any good


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These orion subs look massive as hell. What do you guys think of 2 orion h2 12's and proper RMS to em, like 2 2500d amps from orion, or 2 2000w memphis amps?

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good for the right price or there might be something better for the price. how much its gonna cost

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i would strongly recommend u going with them. me and my friend installed a loud daily driver van with 4 of the 12s, very high end sq and spl. i would do the 2500ds. dont forget to upgrade your electrical system or all that power will be no good. you will be very impressed. everyone runs the same subs these days, so i say go with them.

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Username: Comet345

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yeah, the real question at hand is can i get a box that will fit the subs as well as have space in my truck...

well, i was thinking about maybe going with the memphis amp because the 2500d's output 2500 (obviously) and i cant parition it to 2000w, and 2000w is what the 12's require... 2500 is max.. and my friend has some older set of orions, i think 2 12's, and a shitty amp, but still, they sounded great .... so maybe this could be a good idea...

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The H2s are a good sub. And yes, they are VERY massive. Only thing is, with the high power required to run these things I'd almost lean toward ID Max's or Brahmas. Require less so less is spent on amps... It's up to you though they are good subs if you can afford to properly power them.

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I think you're the one that posted about that Chevy truck right? If W7s wouldn't fit in it like the shop said, those H2s aren't any shallower, they have an enormous motor structure. Great subs, but you're going to have to look for an alternative, 10" Adire Kodas are an option, shallow subs with fantastic SQ and SPL. Any subwoofer that has an underhung style motor as well, they're usually shallower than most subs as long as the motor isn't huge. Best thing to do is measure off exactly what depth you can accomodate for the sub AFTER the MDF thickness and give the sub 3/4 to 1 inch clearance from the back of the box. Once you find this out, you can look at all the great subs out there and make a decision based on mounting depth.
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