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Hi, right now I have a Kove Armageddon 15 incher, one of the older models that is single VC, and I have a Hifonics Brutus amp that is 1500 at one ohm, 750 at two ohms and 500 at 4 ohms or something like that. So, right now i AM pushing 500 watts as that is what my amp puts out at 4 ohms. My question is, if I were to get one of the "premium" subs as listed by experts on here, ie a xx, the brahma, etc what kind of improvement whould I get? I don't really like the armageddon as it is too "boomy" i REALLY want a smaller sub and box but don't want to give up the power. If I were to go with a better sub what would I expect, more loudness, more boom, etc? I like heavy metal primaily and listin to a lot of XM radio satilittee, any suggestins or should I stick to the 15 inch armageddon?

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Hi mate,

never heard the Kove but i own a RE XX X12 and absolutely love it!

My first impressions was that it sounded too 'clinical' as there's hardly any distortion, but now i am used to the sound i wouldnt consider selling it.

I run my XX X in a 3cube box tuned to 30hz and it drops like a b1tch but also punches hard but not as hard as when i ran sealed.

Im using two DLS A6's to power it and it handles the power with ease and could probably do with more as its not the most sensitive subs around.

I know of people using the XX X/Brutus combination and say its a good match

remember with any sub its all in the box design



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if u get an idmax dual 2 sub cost 400 from retailer but like 310 shipped on ebay u will have 1000 watt rms which is doubled wat u get now and the sq is excellent with a brutus amp top notch i and they work good n tight enclosures

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hands down, DD, they're made as sound quality subs but we all use'em in competition, Digital Design.
thats what you want, you can read up on and decide which one suites your needs best at

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I go for a sinlge X.X.X.

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i've used'em both, DD is the only pro choice

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pends on what DD you're looking at, the 3500 and up i would have to say yes the DD but they get pretty pricey as they move towards the 3500 and 9500 and the ultimate 9900
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