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My amp keeps shutting off.
1. I only ground the amp to the battery. I need to ground to the car also?
2. Running on a yellow top battery. What do I need to get in order to charge the yellow top from the stock battery?
3. It's a honda, so getting the power and RCA on different sides of the car would be a b*tch, so it's running on the same side. Is this an issue?

Everything else i know i did correctly. Any help would be appriciated.

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i would just ground to the chassis instead of the battery.
you could jump off the yellow from the stock bat.
i dont fully understand your system. Please explain.

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I also need some help, I have a 200 watt amp, I forget the name.. But the person I bought it off of says it should read a green light, and its running a red light.. and it's pushing no power. I don't know if the RCAs have anything to do w. it, cause I have the red/yellow instead of the white/red, but he said that shouldnt effect it. I know I have the power hooked up right, the remote, and the ground. The only thing I could think of is cause I ran the power under metal, but that shouldn't effect it. Someone please help!! Thanks

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well if your amp lightis turnig red that means its in protect mode. First you should always ground your amps to the chassis of the car. run your battery wire and patch cables on different sides of the car if not you will most likely get ground noise. Since your amp is going into protect, check your battery wire patch cables and remote wire to make sure there isnt any breaks in them. try to insilate wire in places where there are sharp edges. if a positive wire touces againts metal that will make tha amp chirp into protect

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I found out the problem, when I got home I realized the ground was on paint. I scraped off the paint and now she's thumpin' :-)
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