Need help with rear speaker problem pls


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I own an 85 honda prelude, the factory stereo had been replaced with a sony tape deck, and a cd changer installed in the back. I removed that to install my JVC cd player (sd-7250). I had to cut and solder all the wires for the installation, and I removed the cd changer since it wasn't compatible. The car was already prewired for subs, so I put in my two 10's in the back. After it was all done, I tried it out, and when the car was turned on, the subs would rumble, depending on how the car was revving. On low RPM, it would make a really low rumbling noise, sounded like I had a huge tip. At higher RPMS it would usually go away, but the back left speaker would pop everytime I hit the gas pedal. So I removed the subs, because the rumbling got really bad, but now I have a poping speaker. It is just the back rear left speaker, which pops everytime I hit the gas. On top of that, after driving for about.. 30 minutes or so, the cd player powers down. If its playing a cd, the song skips for a few seconds, then it powers down, and I can't turn it back on until the car has been shutoff and sits for a while. Does anyone know at all what the problem could be. This problem didn't exist before I did the installation, so im thinking it had something to do with my wiring or something, but I really don't want to pull it out again, unless I know forsure what the problem is. Thx to anyone who can give me some advice.

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first of all, do you have the power wires ran next to the speaker wires? Im guessing that your power wires are ran on the left side of the car, and the speaker wires are ran with it, so the rear left speaker could be picking up noise from the engine, and it pops. And you said the subs were rumbling. Where are the ground wires for the amp screwed in at? There could be a really bad ground loop that is putting noise into the amp which then is going to the subs, therefore you hear rumbling. You said that the headunit (tape player) powers down. There could be a problem with the tape player or there is a power problem

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thx for the advice, ill check into it. Does anyone else have a different opinion?
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