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I know (for the time and research lost in the process) that it must be complicated, since in 2 days of googling and reading articles and boards haven't found much about this subject.

What I want is connect my ATI Radeon's output (D-Sub 15 or DVI) to my TV's RGB SCART to get better image quality, since the Radeon's TV-OUT is S-Video and the image quality is low.

From what I have researched, the D-Sub output's signal is RGB sync, the DVI I have no idea; and what I need in the TV input is RGB "?" (dunno what). How can I get this?

In 2 days I've read a LOT about video signals, video standards, cable standards, etc., and can't get an easy solution.

The two options I have (apart from the yellow RCA that goes with the stereo audio) are:

D-Sub 15 to RGB SCART "or" DVI to RGB SCART

What I need, a cable? converter? something home-made?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hev you seen this?

You will find more effective wiering on
The text is in swedish though

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Thanks Bosse!

yep i already knew the first web, but my soldering skills are null ^^ (and that statement in red at the beginning of the page scares me; if the dead one is my radeon its ~150€, but if its my TV its a LOT more)

So what I wish to find is an buy-and-plug cable/adaptor

Anyway, Ill try to ask a friend of mine to make the soldering.

BTW, anyone know of a swedish/english transate web? ^^


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i have a DCT with a nine pin VGA output and an HDTV with a DVI input is getting a VGA to DVI converter worth it? and which would be better DVI-I or DVi-D?

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what scart lead do i need to connect my freeview set top box to my Phillips TV/Video combi? And also to connect my DVD player to the whole set up aswell? PLEASE HELP!!
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